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hello everyone.

I am gonna post after a whopping 16 weeks since the last one.  I am so Lax on this LJ thing.  I have a few different reasons for posting this time, but first and foremost, I need to detox after D*C.

Right off the bat, ill get the obvious stuff out.

No, since I joined twitter, I wont be posting my tweets here.  Deal.  Yes, Felicia Day is made of that much awesome, and I would take care of her again in a heartbeat.  Dragon Con was a good time, not an AWESOME time, but just a click or two under that.   I got to reconnect with some old friends I hadnt seen in quite a few years, got to work on making new ones, and got a GINORMOUS dose of reality and learn a little more about myself as a person.  OH, and Bob, Im still here, please dont cut me from your lists.  I really like hearing about you and whats going on...

Yes.  I joined twitter.  I refuse to be sucked in as There is not that much in my life that I have to share with the masses.  I wont be posting here with all my twitters..sorry. 

Felicia Day is one of us, people.  Shes a Gamer, Wow Player, Writer, Actress, Geek, and all around awesome person, from what I can tell.   Please hurry out and watch The Guild, Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog, or anything else shes been in, IF you havent already.  Very Talented.

My lifes Relationships have kinda fluxuated, I will not go into details here, but If you want to know, respond to this post, and ill fill you in.  Nothing Majorly Bad, just some slight adjustments to help alleviate some of the stressors in some lives.  

I have discovered the joy of Rock Band 2, and will be picking up Beatles Rock Band shortly.  If any of my local peeps feel like spending some free time shooting the shit and practicing, please let me know.  I love to Rock out with my Cock out!

To Elizabeth Donald:  I am glad you got to meet with Felicia.  I think you two should touch noses sometime as she is a VERY AVID reader.

To Laz: Thank you for a wonderful oppurtunity, loving me, letting me communicate with you sunday night, I really needed it.

To Ldyalia:  Thank you for being awesome and hanging out with me this past weekend.  I really appreciated it.

To everyone else who I touched with at D*C, my peeps are what makes that con so much fun.  Thank you all...

To the Plauge Monkey who infected me and got me sick....WHY? 

That about wraps up our show for this episode, I will try to be better about posting more, but no promises.  

Thanks for watching and until next time, Please stay safe.


random stuff and ovines!

hello all.

I have not posted in some time, and thought I would let you know im still living, and im alright...

ill post again soonish when I have some pics of the new wheels.

but in the mean time, check this crazy crap out...I loves it...makes me smile, and I hope it makes you smile too....


What Do Your Initials Say About You?

You Are Shrewd and Talented
When You Are Comfortable:

You are ambitious, and hard-working. Adversity allows you to shine. You resourceful and able to make due.
People see you as honest to the point of bluntness. But they always know that you'll be fair. You have the good intentions.

When You Are At Your Best:

You are a strong person. You're driven and assertive. Success is yours, as much as you want it.
People find you to be clever and spirited. You're a bit saucy too... delightfully so!

When You Are in a Social Setting:

You are very perceptive. You can see things from all sides. You don't allow your life or mind to be cluttered.
People see you as spiritual and charismatic. You have interesting and unexpected insights. You advice is highly valued.
the following is a selfish get the depressed crap out of my system post, so I can stop crying and go to work like I have the confidence I bullshit the world with most of the time.  Please disregaurd whats behind the cut if you dont want to read my emo crap...thanks..

my stupid selfish emo release to get my head back on right. I mean it, keep scrolling.Collapse )

attention..those on my friends list.

My phone will be off till payday after next. this coming payday covers move expsenses and rent. I had to choose between my roomies, my puter, and my warm waterbed versus my phone for a couple of weeks, I choose roomies,puter, & waterbed. phone turned off this morning. no text or anything either, so sorry.

ill post when its back up.

Sorry for the inconvience.

tonights happemings

Well, tonight was interesting. I took care of my kitty sitting duties as usual and started to go home, and realized that lindburg was a sheet of ice. And at the top of the hill, just north of 270, there's a van and a woman looking at it bewildered in 21 degree weather. She lost it and hit the concrete median wall. She has pushed her driver fender inward enough that it will eat her tire. She is safely off the road at this point. I'm about to call her a tow truck while standing at the rear passenger side of the van, away from traffic. She looks over my shouilder, and screams as another car slams into the back driver corner of her van sideways behind me. I didn't see it coming, and all I heard was her scream, and feeling and hearing the impact. I have NO damn clue how - walked away without a scratch, but I did. The van clipped her as it entered the lane of traffic, and came to rest. That causes 2 more cars to go down that 60 foot embankment to the westbound 270. Offramp below. And it also caused a 4 or 5 car pileup at the top of that hill. I immediately called 911, they arrived, and the nice officer told me he had it from there. - did as told and headed toward 170, which was closed. Now I'm back to square one thanking whatever good fortune that I'm alive and in one piece.

Hunker down STL, to quote CCR, "don't go around tonight, its bound to take your life, there's a bad moon on the rise..."

today I totally blew off the birth family thanksgiving, and spent a lazy saturday with friends.  I don't feel guilty about it at all.

the last weekend of really relaxed time im gonna get.  get the complete packing done for the new move this week, make arrangements to move stuff and get settled in over the course of the next 2 weeks. 

Ive already committed to moving, and I am VERY excited to be going where I am going.  For those who dont know, Im moving to just off Grand, just north of tower grove park with two lovely women I am excited to get the priviledge to call roomies.  As we mused when I looked at the room, Im thier Jack Tripper, that guy who lives with two HOT women, but is too much of friends to sleep with either one of them.  *smile*  Its good to be able to muse about that.  I loved that show. 

But the other really nice part is im close to stuff to do within walking distance, and come nicer weather, im looking forward to doing just that.  Subdued nights just relaxing at one of the local coffee houses with friends.  The only real downer is im a ways from work, but there is a chance that will change.  I have an interview with the store in brentwood.  MUCH closer.  Kingshighway has no openings, and I was told they are cutting people's hours down there.  The interview is for a department head position.  Its not recieving, but its PRO SALES.  me being social, and contacting people?  Doable.  plus no hours past 5 or 6 pm and one weekend a month.  and since I would be manager, it would end up being a second or fourth weekend.  (Funny how that would work out.)

so currently, I will have to leave work about 9:30 without fail to get to work on time.  that would make sure I would have plenty of time to get to work, and not have to worry.  Once the 64/40 clusterfuck moves closer east in a month or two, ill have to take 70 all the way around the city, hence the getting in the habit of leaving an hour and a half out from work. 

other positives about this move:  Ill be within 20 minutes from the CWE, Dantes, The Hill, The U-City Loop, Third saturday game, but about the same distance from my parents house and my friend Cordy, ill also be right close to 3 going on 4 friends. 

Note to potential visitors.....This new place is NON smoking and has cats.  You have been warned.

Ill be doing a spot of house/cat sitting for the two weeks after Turkey Day.  I wont be in the new place full time till after that..(dont worry roomies, I still plan to pay my rent...I know your reading)

so, since ill be doing more driving, my budget has to change from going out money to driving money...so those of you who wanted to see me on WoW more often, you will get your wish.  Ill be home more.  I will still go out and visit around, but my travels will be toned down, unless you are on the way home, then yes, I would love to stop by. 

I hope this is a long term move.  I really need to put down some stakes for awhile and get me sorted out, so I can get on with the rest of my life.  I have a couple of lifestyle juggles that I am barely keeping going, between 2 GF's, a job, and Larp, and WoW, ive got about all I can handle for a while.  My dance card is full.  the only other thing I might do occasionally is Amtguard, but thats only on the occasional sunday for exercise, unless I make that my major exercise ritual.  I know Silverleaf would be happy to see me, as well as Teagan. 

I think that is the extent of my brain dump for this episode of My world.  and I didnt even completely dump everything, will dole out more next episode. 

BTW..im looking for a decent shape computer desk. i will make arrangements to pick up.  if you have one you are willing to part with, please let me know.  thanks.

Thank you Internet, you have been a great audience!  Dont forget to tip your waitress and bartenders.

Untill next time america,
Take care of yourselves, and each other....


I dont get out much, and when I do, something wierd usually happens.  like tonight.

I got back from taking A to the plane, was kinda expecting K to take me to the goddess's castle.  I didnt apperently make my want clear, so I took the red beater to the castle instead.  I was greeted at the door by a phone call from a friend who needed to discuss some IC stuff, and so I got the work clothes I needed for tomorrow because im staying at the KAT house tonight due to Hillary Clinton is speaking one exit away from my work and traffic is gonna suck ass on 70. 


Friend and I go to a buffet, eat, discuss stuff, and generally hang out.  the place he lives isnt too far from where im thinking of looking for new residence, so I got gauge my drive to work, and one of the routes.  im sitting in friends house, and another friend I havent seen in months runs through the door and glomps me.  Seems her BF is a roomie of said friend.  I touch with them, include them in the movie deal im working out with friend, and about 20 min later another older friend ive not seen in about 5 years walks in the door and I fold original friend's world in on itself.  Ive really had a blast from the past night tonight.  it doesnt happen that often , and thank god its not past GF's this time. 

needed to post about finding M and Mi Mi.

thanks for putting up with the random string of my stupid life..



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